The Brass Action - The Devil Down Below (Official video)

As seen in the movie Horns (2013).
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Song/Video by The Brass Action.

Director - Trevor Tabloteney
Director of Photography - Tyler Branston
Editor - Kevin Reid
Editing Assistant - Steph Beerwald
Make-up Artists - Lyndsey Clare and Alicia Mizel
Additional Crew - Alexandra Yeomans

The Cheater - Ryan Clare
The Slick Card Shark - Tyson Sully
The Arrogant Bar-star - Evan Kelly
The Thief - Garrett McLaughlin
The Switchblade Romantic - Richard Mitchell

The Beast - Toby Misconception
The Floozy - Ashlee Ofner
The Poker Players - Robert Lutener and Chris Neumeyer
The Patient Drunks - Brian O'Rourke, Ariane Comeau, John Cristiani, Mark Greenfield, Gavin Reid, Erin Morris, Lorne Vogt
The Barkeep - Scott Hastings
The Hallway Texter - Trevor Tablotney
Cork Mcnortis - Himself

Special thanks to The Railway Club for providing locations for the video and for their dedicated support of local music.
In this Video Artist(s) The Brass Action
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