Event Archive - Language of Music Workshop: Jamaican Rocksteady: Keith and Tex

Fri. July 3rd 2015 at Long & McQuade Music Education Centre Victoria BC (All Ages)
1 - 2 doors at 1 pm
We start with the birthplace of the music that we intend to educate people about. Ska has always been a music of creative interpretations. It started when African workers in the Caribbean re-interpreted their traditional African hymns as calypso, mento and finally melded with rhythm and blues in America to create ska. In some cases the weak transistor radios they used picked up two frequencies at once which further fueled their musical imaginations. It makes sense that a style of music that went on to form countless sub-genres and influence so many was an amalgamation of numerous styles itself. Keith and Tex were part of the culture that brought Jamaican Rocksteady to the world stage. They have seen the evolution of the music first-hand and will provide valuable insight into its humble beginnings.

How did they come across their sound? Did they actively seek a fusion of different genres or did it happen naturally? How do they feel about the many permutations of the sound that they helped to create?


Keith and Tex
Rocksteady, Reggae, Soul, Ska from Tampa Florida