Beer Garden: - Our volunteers in the beer garden are there to make sure that the good times roll as safely and efficiently as possible. Volunteers must be of legal age, 19- years or older. Having your Serving it Right certificate is a definite asset. - Responsibilities include: pouring beers, giving high fives, selling beer tickets, putting on wrist bands, stacking used cups, tapping kegs Site Crew - Venue Preparation/Teardown: - Venue volunteers are given the tremendous task of creating a space to hold one of the greatest music festivals in North America. This position includes some heavy lifting and a lot of moving around. The shifts for this position include hours before and after the concerts. - Responsibilities include: zipping Zip-Ties, mounting fences, lifting and carrying items, loading and unloading cars and trucks, sweating a little (maybe), showing off your great muscles. Ticket Sales -We like to think that our ticket sales volunteers hold the keys to the festival. You are selling more than a ticket, you are selling a toe-tapping, bum-shaking, sing-a-longing good time! -Responsibilities include: handling money, knowing the schedule and being able to describe the bands, explaining the festival to first-timers, Front Door/Ticket Sales: -Our front door volunteers are the fresh face we show to the world. You are the first thing our guests see when they come to the festival, and we all know how important first impressions are. -Responsibilities include: being upbeat, excited, and positive, handling money, knowing the schedule and being able to describe the bands, explaining the festival to first-timers Hospitality: - Hospitality volunteers are there to ensure that the bands have a comfortable and awesome festival experience. We are looking for responsible individuals who can develop strong working relationships and anticipate the needs of our performers. - Responsibilities include: maintaining the cleanliness of the backstage area, ensuring people have the right documentation to be backstage, assisting the artists when they need help, enjoying the close-up view of the stage Merchandise Sales: - One of the greatest parts about going to any music festival is bringing home stickers, patches, and tee-shirts from all your favourite bands. Volunteers who work in the merchandise booth will have the chance to sell the official Victoria Ska Fest swag, like tee-shirts, stickers, and videos of past festivals, as well as some of the merchandise from the bands. - Responsibilities include: chatting with excited visitors, keeping a clean and well-stocked table, giving change, organizing multiple accounts, folding tee-shirts Waste Reduction and Greening: - It isn’t easy being green but every year the Victoria Ska Festival puts in place new initiatives to be as sustainable as possible. Volunteers will be working to help reduce our carbon footprint, keep things clean, and share some love for our Mother Earth. -Responsibilities include: maintaining the cleanliness of the event grounds, sorting recycling, showing off your sweet, reusable water bottle, running the water refill station, amassing some serious good karma Membership Sales: - The Victoria Ska Society puts on the festival every year and being a part of the club has its perks. Members get access to exclusive, members-only concerts and events, the earliest notice and lowest cost for official events, specially priced full festival passes, and a chance to give input on which bands you would like to see play. - Responsibilities include: knowing the perks of being a Ska Society member, having a great sales pitch, completing application forms Program Distribution: - Every year the Victoria Ska Festival has stunning festival programs with colour photos, full festival schedule, and band biographies. Program distribution volunteers will be handing out the programs to people attending the shows and will be using the programs as a marketing tool to promote the festival. -Responsibilities include: knowing the festival schedule and being able to describe the bands, chatting with excited guests, promoting the festival, being up-beat, excited, and positive Donation Collection: - Donation collection volunteers are vital to the success of the festival. Every year we look to raise money in order to support the Victoria Ska Fest and ensure that it can keep bringing great music to the city for years to come. - Responsibilities include: dancing and having a good time, explaining where donation money goes, asking politely for donations, having a great sales pitch, smiling and giving high fives Information Tent: - The information tent is the headquarters of the festival. Volunteers will be answering questions from volunteers and from the visitors to the festival. This is a great place to volunteer for people who have had experience with the festival in the past. - Responsibilities include: signing in volunteers, handing out volunteer tee-shirts, answering questions, pointing people in the right direction, keeping a clean and organized work area Drivers: - Every year we look for people who are interested in doing some light or heavy driving for the festival. We need to transport volunteers from place to place (or often take them home in the volunteer shuttle), as well as transport bands and equipment, merchandise, and run errands. Our drivers are able to see shows and work on call for whenever they’re needed. For this position drivers must have a valid class 5 or 4 license. It’s helpful if you have your own vehicle as well, and/or are comfortable driving provided vans.


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