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“Street Wise (the Art of Looping)”: DUB FX @ Cinecenta Jul 13 2013 - Jul 20th @ Cinecenta

Event Archive - “Street Wise (the Art of Looping)”: DUB FX

Sat. July 13th 2013 at Cinecenta Victoria BC (All Ages)
2pm - 3:30pm doors at 2pm
Ben Stanford A.K.A. Dub FX is likely the most successful street performer of all time. His strength as a musician comes from his highly technical mind and his dedication to being independent and unique. DubFX creates intricate layered and textured songs, real time, using his own voice and multiple effects pedals including, most importantly, a looping station. He has remained independent throughout his entire career and currently tours the world with the Cade, Flower Ferry, and Snarephone among others.

“Street Wise (the Art of Looping)” with DUB FX will demonstrate the art of looping by way of beatboxing, vocals and tweaks. The audience will be guided on a journey through the love of loop, experiencing how moments of impromptu inspirations can play a key role in capturing the attention of potential lifetime fans. Also the session will cover some street promotion techniques and the use of a loop pedal to enhance both live and recorded music. The session will consist of a checklist format listing the tools and necessities needed to be a versatile street performer.


Drum n' bass, dub, reggae, hip hop, electronic from St. Kilda Australia