They Don't Give a $$$$ — Street Pharmacy & Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad


Métis-led reggae-rock band Street Pharmacy have teamed up with roots-reggae veterans Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad on their newest single They Don’t Give a $$$$. The song, available first for streaming exclusively on Rootfire starting July 2nd, 2020, tackles the root of the world’s rising tensions amid a year full of crises by cleverly outlining the ongoing manipulation of power and modern corruption over humanity-focused ambitions.

They Don’t Give a $$$$ mixes reggae and punk — two genres deeply rooted in social commentary and calls to action, while at the same time adding a modern rock anthem-edged chorus that serves as a rallying cry. The relevant subject matter and serious tonal qualities of the composition makes for a timely song that addresses current world issues head on by calling on the people to demand change from the top down. They Don’t Give a $$$$ sees Street Pharmacy frontman Ryan Guay showcase his penchant for cheeky lyrics with double-edged meanings throughout the song’s chorus and outro. His lyrical versatility allows him to appear unafraid to venture into new territory when various groups that he aligns himself with are screaming for it. “The chorus lyrics and the use of the cash register sample was intentional from the very beginning,” said Guay. “Using the cash register sample in the midst of a heavy, alternative rock-oriented chorus allows for a two-fold meaning to co-exist: the pseudo-use of profanity for the purpose of hammering home the severity of the message and, more obviously, the issues of corruption and wealth distribution that has plagued marginalized and poverty-stricken people for far too long.”

Guay’s lyrical and sample-based hook are perfectly augmented by Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad frontman and bassist, James Searl’s call to action in two reggae-rock infused verses. “It’s impossible to squeeze all of our world concerns into a verse chorus verse,” James explained. “We thought it important to stress the call to action and awareness. Whether the focus is that Black Lives Matter or that the fossil fuel industry is running roughshod over entire indigenous and scientific communities and are actually destroying the natural world, the common denominator is always that there is an incredibly wealthy 1% elite with more control than most and they don’t give a $$$$ about the rest of us. There is so much positivity to be had about this moment of connectivity in the world amongst people and we wanted to lend an anthemic tune to help empower the resistance. It made sense for it to have a modern rock feel because it’s what both Ryan and I grew up on in close proximity to each other (Rochester NY, and Welland ON,) separated by a border but brought together by music. I think we both had our political compasses tuned by the rock, reggae, and the hip hop of our youth. This song sounds like something that would have kept me up all night excited when I was 14 and for me that’s some special stuff. This was an incredibly fun beginning to more collaboration I’m sure.”

The collaboration between artists promotes further dialogue between changemakers within society, calling for a unification of citizens across the globe to promote a broad expansion of human rights and an end to oppression.

Street Pharmacy and Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad have both helped grow the North American reggae scene, garnering critical acclaim, countless media placements across trendsetting blogs, national television, and festivals in both Canada and The United States. The latest effort They Don’t Give A $$$$ executes a fusion of genres and lyrical relevancy that is bound to garner attention from ears all over.

Lyric Video by Jake Donaldson
Written and Composed by Ryan Guay & James Searl
Produced by Ryan Guay & Mike Tompa
Mixed & Mastered by Adam Tune
In this Video Artist(s) Street Pharmacy
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