Music Video by XL The Band performing "Birds".

XL is composed of Prevail and Rob the Viking from the 5-time JUNO Award winning hip hop group Swollen Members, Dr. Liesa Norman, a former Vancouver Symphony Orchestra flautist and singer, and Neph from the rap group Alpha Omega.

Vocals: Liesa Norman, Neph, Prevail
Producer: Rob The Viking
Flute: Liesa Norman
Strings: David Spidel
Drums: Samuel Cartwright
Keys: Aidan Miller
Horns: Miguelito Valdes, Nick La Riviere

Filmed and directed by Heartisan Films -
Makeup by Christie Norman


Verse 1 (Liesa Norman):
It’s  like I’m lost amongst the bees
finding my wings amonst the beings
I kinda forgot what new things
would seem if you somehow believe

Gonna be taking what I’m making
And I’m staking cause I’m sold
All this formation fits the station
That I’m playing
cause it’s gold

Verse 2 (Liesa Norman):
You might recognize by its disguise
the feelings pent up inside
they’re neither here nor otherwise
but I can see the prize

Verse 3 (Neph)
Why is it always the same?
I am always one to blame
I don’t live by the ball & chain
I don’t get what all the fuss about
I’ve been doin me, your missin out
don’t know why so many of em’ doubt
I don’t need the clout
I don’t need ya round
I been lost & found
I am homeward bound
Yea I’m getting over 
gettin older
get a glimpse
listen cause I told ya
Yea I know ya
they think they know me
I’ll prove em all wrong
Man I’m  only 
Human, God
And I play the odds
I got wins and losses 
they pray to prophets
show your cards
make it easy taking
Goliath fallin
I’m playin David
A problems always
I know my callin
Process long in the winding hallway
Brighter pathway
it’s darkness always
right or wrong
yo the light is always
right or wrong
ya Its darkness always

Chorus (Neph & Liesa Norman):
Oh, why try
It all falls down to the ground
It all falls won’t make a sound
It all falls resta on the crown

Verse 4 (Prevail):
I’m feeling so Cab Calloway 
mixed with Cannonball Adderly 
and Cannonball Crush is flying over the entire laws of gravity
and naturally capacity is an activity of thought
and its gradually built over clay bricks and grey mortar blocks
my morse code is more then an enigma machine unlocked
it’s a figurative and literal and critical ticking clock
the time father with rhymes larger than life is
and the devices of sound are ground breaking
look around but listen up
this is what this ain’t luck
this is prophecy dug up
from sludge, dirt, and dust
and mud, blood, and rust
in XL I trust, we accelerate once
then jet propel records, sell the excellent stuff
and for whom the bell tolls until the whole globe erupts
we the gold standard theres no planet we can’t rock
so what’s up?
Before the oceans are landlocked
the focus is don’t stop
My vocals wont rest until I’m locked in a sandbox

Chorus (Neph & Liesa Norman):
Oh, why try
It all falls down to the ground
It all falls won’t make a sound
It all falls rests on the crown
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