The Black Seeds 'Cool Me Down'

The Black Seeds - cool me down (High Quality)

Band Members Featured in video:
Barnaby Weir (vocals, guitar)
Daniel Weetman (vocals, percussion)
Mike Fabulous (guitar, percussion)
Bret McKenzie (vocals, keyboard)
Jarney T Murphy (drums)
Tim Jaray (bass)
Lee Prebble (knobs, faders)
Jabin Ward -- Sax
Andrew Christiansen -- Trumpet
Nigel Patterson -- Keyboard

A Nektar Low-Fi Mash up of Video filmed from The Black seeds Studio sessions and various tour footage from around the world. shot by Marty Williams, Callan Green, Gareth Moon and the members of the Black Seeds band while on tour.

Editor: Gareth Moon & Joe Fish
Online edit stunts: Mike Busy
In this Video Artist(s) The Black Seeds
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