Illvis Freshly - Funk Like This (Official Music Video)

Illvis Freshly's "Funk Like This" off their upcoming debut album, "What Chu Know About Illvis?". Shot, Directed, and Edited by Jim Vanderhorst of Rebel Cause Films( Featuring Ceddie Bear, Simone Page, Kaitlind Allura, Jesus Estevez, Dan House, Phil Lyons, Kyle Waddington and half of the Victoria, BC music scene. Special praise and thanks goes out to DJ Anger of PK Sound, Long and McQuade, and Mike Demers for making all of this possible, and also to Shane Battley, Oaklin Caissie, Jackson Yauck and every single person present during the shoot for your tireless efforts. And finally to Jim Vanderhorst, the mastermind behind the entire video! ROCK N ROLL DONT REALLY FUNK LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!
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